Covid-19 Reminders

For the safety of all attending in-person, the entire church building will be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines before and after services. Hand sanitation stations will be set-up throughout the building for your convenience and everyone's safety.

All attendees are encouraged to maintain a safe social distance of 6’ from one another. Where social distancing is difficult, it is strongly recommended to wear a face covering. We kindly ask all attendees to wear a face mask when moving about the building. Once seated and social distancing is maintained, the face-covering can be removed. Remember, the face-covering is meant to protect others in the case the wearer is unknowingly infected but has no symptoms.


Prevention of coronavirus infographic vector


Things to remember...


  • Refrain from hugging and/or shaking hands.
  • Certain pews are marked off-limits to maintain a safe distance for congregants. Members who live together are encouraged to sit together.
  • Honor all signage and markings within the building.

Consider staying home if you are...


  • not feeling well or have a temperature.
  • been exposed to someone (within the last 2-weeks) who has had COVID-19.
  • vulnerable or at high-risk for contracting COVID-19. NOTE: Those who are elderly, have existing medical conditions, and/or respiratory problems are known to be vulnerable to this virus.